10 Tips to Planning Your Dream Wedding

It’s time to start planning your big day. Chances are you’ve dreamed of this day for a while. It doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact the planning and build up to your wedding should be an amazing time. Take a deep breath and let’s get started. Remember it’s your day and it will be wonderful!

Here’s our top 10 tips to planning your dream wedding …

1 I will not let the planning dictate my relationship or dominate my life.

Easier said than done, we know, but set aside specific times to talk ‘wedding’ then the rest of the time you should keep it schtum. Friends, family and even your fiancé will quickly tire of continuous wedding chat.


2 I will set a budget and stick to it.

Wedding finances can quickly spiral out of control, so best you familiarise yourself with Microsoft or even better Google sheets – because you can share them – and don’t be tempted to splash on things you can’t afford now, or will struggle to pay off for the rest of your life. Yes, your wedding day is of the very most importance, but not enough to saddle you with lifelong debt.


3 I will keep an open mind about my dress.

Most brides have known what they want to wear on their big day since they were knee high to a grasshopper, but you will be absolutely amazed what actually suits you and (most importantly) what makes you feel comfortable and confident. At Dress Me Pretty, we are the experts in knowing what works for you, your personality, venue, body shape and budget. In fact (don’t mean to boast, but…) we generally know as you walk through the door! That’s how well we know our gowns.

4 I won’t stress about the things I can’t control.

The weather, for example! It’s out of your hands, and all you can do is prepare for the worst. That said, ‘the worst’ often makes for the best photographs – think giant colourful umbrellas, wedding wellies, floaty faux fur and mulled wine… Any good photographer and venue will put a wet weather plan in place.


5 I won’t worry about the guest list.

Best to manage expectations right from the start. So, say to your work colleagues that you are extremely limited on numbers, but you would love them to come to the evening do. Tell your parents that you have a rule about: ‘if we haven’t both met them, they aren’t coming’. Or give each family an allocation and leave the rest for your closest friends.


6 I won’t be bullied into having children at my wedding.

If the idea of children running around, up and down the aisle, or making noise during your vows fills you with horror, make your policy clear from the start. Some people cherish the thought of a night off, with babysitters at home, others understand that every human guest is an extra cost, and some may even decline your invitation, but as with most things wedding, you should put out a clear and consistent message from the start. If they are very close friends and breastfeeding, for example, you might make exceptions.

7 It’s our day and it will be our way.

When you announce your engagement, suddenly everyone becomes an expert – trust us! Just remember that it’s your day, your way. You will find: ‘thanks but I’m already sorted for that’ a really useful phrase.


8 I will ask for help.

Whether it’s Uncle Jim with his vintage Jag, Nanny Floss with her beautiful rose garden or Maud round the corner who bakes the most incredible cakes, don’t be afraid to ask people to chip in. When it comes to weddings, people are generally delighted to be asked and love to be part of such a special occasion.


9 I won’t make it unaffordable to be a guest.

Don’t forget the expense of being a guest, as well as the cost of the wedding itself. There’s the hen party, a gift, travel, overnight accommodation, an outfit, drinks at the bar… Being a guest can run into hundreds of pounds and not everyone has that disposable income. You have an obligation to your guests to provide them with plenty of affordable options. Be kind!


10 I will take care of myself.

Wedding planning can be fraught and stress-filled. But it doesn’t have to be. Make lists, lean on the experts, don’t be afraid to tell your nearest and dearest that you’re struggling. Take care of your skin and hair, keep active. It will be the most amazing day and even if everything doesn’t go one hundred per cent to plan, no-one will notice or care. All they want is for you to be happy. Forever.

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