Amy & Phill’s Wedding

Amy and Phill were married in July this year at Hothorpe Hall.

I asked Amy all about the proposal…

“Oh I ruined my own proposal, we laugh now…
So we were on holiday in New York, trip of a lifetime for us, we had ordered passes to go up the Empire State Building which we thought had got evening return passes but when we got there turns out they were wrong and we couldn’t go back without paying again, unbeknown to me Phill had planned to propose to me under the stars at the top so he desperately tried to think of back up plan and thought we could go up the Chrysler Building that evening, when we got there the guard told us we wouldn’t see anything as it was cloudy so I said ahhhhh never mind we will come back another night Phill tried to ask if I wanted to anyway and I said there was no point. Next his last option… Times Square on the way back, when we got there it was unusually busy that night and made Phill far to nervous, there was hardly anywhere to stop it was that busy, so we headed back to our hotel where he apologised for a rubbish night and said he would make it up to me, I said don’t be daft it was a nice night, turned around to see him down on one knee. Oh I’ll never forget his face! He said after he had to do it that night, he’d built up the courage all day and was so nervous, plus he had been extremely poorly with food poisoning for the previous 2 days and just had too. The whole story just makes it perfect to us”

Where did you meet?

“We met many years before through friends and just started chatting one day and many months later it started to turn into something that has lasted nearly 10yrs and will now be forever ”

How did you feel on your big day?:
“Amazing! Absolutely incredible… princess like, pretty, all the hard work to get my figure back after first baby had paid off and wow I was so happy! My jaw ached from all the smiling just didn’t want to take it off!! Just incredible!”

What is your special memory of the day?:
“That moment walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Phill and seeing the look on his face.”

Any advice you would give to future brides-to-be?:
“Try everything, trust your adviser and just relax have fun it will be the one you least expect!”

Tell us about your Dress Me Pretty experience and finding your dress:
“So I came to one of your trunk shows for Stella York as they we’re the dresses I kept being drawn too.
So we were greeted by Jodie, she helped me pick out a variety of styles as I wasn’t sure what shape would suit me, felt really comfortable with her, and the dress I picked was one Jodie suggested that when she brought it over I had actually saw online and didn’t like but she said I should try and wow! She couldn’t have been more right… it was perfect from the first time I looked! Just fell in love with it! It had to be that one”

Dress Designer: Stella York

Dress Name: Saskia

Photographer Name: C&G weddings
Videographer: Craig Veasey
Make-up artist: Ellie Patterson