Team Lockdown Messages

We Miss You!

It seems ages since we’ve all been together in the boutique. We temporarily closed the doors closed 5 weeks ago when were all we told to stay home and stay safe and we just can’t wait to be back.

Each member of the team told us what they love about Dress Me Pretty and what they miss about our beautiful boutique. Here’s what they said..

A Message from Amy

I LOVE people, being around people and above all I LOVE TO HELP!! ❤️ When I opened the boutique just over 7 years ago I honestly didn’t know what a huge part of my life ‘Dress Me Pretty’ would be. I’ve always loved helping but sharing the moment when a bride finds ‘The One’ is truly magical 💫✨

To help a woman feel her absolute best in the most important item of clothing she will possibly EVER wear really is un-explainable 👰🏼💕
During this time (in lockdown) I really miss being in the boutique 😢 I miss the constant buzz, the happy tears, the giggles, the life moments, the hugs, the families, the chats, the excitement and SO MUCH MORE!!

Dress Me Pretty is more than a shop, it’s more than ‘buying a dress’, it’s a beautiful place where memories are made between families. Memories that really do last a lifetime 💫
I am truly honoured to be part of this with our brides 💕💕💕

A Message from Jodie

My days for now have changed slightly, from a working mum of two to now a stay at home mum of three (including the husband 🤣).

The hours, days and weeks are spent together. Renovation of a house/garden, daily walks, bike rides, climbing trees, exercise, dressing up as a princess and some days even a unicorn😀 and even the dreaded schoolwork (by the way I am not teacher material 😫😫). Lots of fun being had, a fair few arguments and tantrums along the way too but mainly lots of laughter and love. I’m a part of a time where we are experiencing those special moments and creating ever lasting memories.

AND that’s where my job is just the same…a job that isn’t really a JOB.

A time where I get to…

-Be a part of such a special journey for our brides to be.

-To listen and hear about her dreams and try my best to make just a small part of that come true.

-To meet and become a part of a family for just a small space of time or to be welcomed into a giggly, joyful, crazy best friend group where we all want to make the bride shine!

-So, sparkles, lace, sexy or flamboyant princess, whatever may be your look, I’ll try my best to make you feel and BE the best you can ever be.

I’m sure it won’t be too long until we can create even more special moments and ever lasting memories….xxxxx

A Message from Kerry

In this strange time, whilst the shop has had to close due to the lockdown, it’s left me reflecting on what an amazing place DMP is to work.

I miss the beautiful team of ladies that are so fun to work with and never fail to make me giggle. I’ve been missing my incredibly positive and inspiring boss, Amy, and the little chats we’d have and her crazy new ideas that always make me believe anything is possible and to dream big. And anyone that knows me, will of course know that I miss getting to try on the new dresses 😂

All of those things I expected to miss. But one thing I can’t stop thinking about as the weeks roll on, is how much I miss watching the transformation of a bride. Not in terms of ordinary clothes to sensational, dazzling bridal gowns, I mean an EMOTIONAL transformation. So many brides come into the shop for the first time feeling nervous/apprehensive. They are walking into a world that is alien and unfamiliar to them and feel out of their comfort zone.

Between trying on dresses, behind the curtains of the dressing room and away from their guests, they begin to realise we’re here for them, with no judgement… just to listen and help. They begin to open up and their barriers come down. At first telling you about their insecurities and worries, but as they begin to really SEE themselves in the dresses these start to fizzle away. And so, the transformation begins.

They tell you all about their dreams and reminisce their love story, and a connection that would take months to develop in the normal world, happens for a bride and her stylist in that one appointment. And it can feel like you’re actually the brides’ best friend for that moment ❤️

At times, the brides chosen guests can be unknowingly critical or unkind, and we see the sadness and insecurities creep back in behind the curtains. It’s a strange feeling for us stylists that we can become oddly protective over this person that we have only just met. But we know, that in the end, the dresses have the power to crush all negativity and doubt. They win over the most ‘challenging’ critics, and you get to see this girl absolutely shine, all the way through, a self-confidence and belief in herself that no one can deny.

When a bride finds the one, you can see it in the way she moves, smiles and looks at herself. The beauty is in her newfound acceptance of herself …just… as… she… is!!!  She finally realises, she IS BEAUTIFUL!

I love being lucky enough to get to be a part of someone’s incredible journey 💕

A Message from Clare

I miss walking into what feels like a very special place.

I miss working with my lovely team mates.

I miss seeing the brides come in, nervous and apprehensive, not sure if they will find the dress of their dreams.

I miss that look on their face when they find ‘the one’.  The beaming smile, planning how to have their hair and what jewellery they will wear on their big day.

It is such a special moment in a bride’s journey, and I can’t wait to share that joy with them when I return ❤️

A Message from Karen

Things just aren’t the same since lockdown. I may have only been with Dress Me Pretty a few months, but it’s already become such a huge part of my life. The buzz of the boutique, the excitement and laughter of brides and my lovely work colleagues who in just a few months have become my friends. 💕👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

I’m so lucky to still be working from home, I get my daily fix of our gorgeous dresses and I get to forget everything crazy going on in the world right now for a few hours and immerse myself in sharing pretty wedding inspo with our brides 💕💕

We are in touch more than ever with our brides on social media and email and we have had so many exciting conversations about what’s to come ❤️ Some brides have understandably been worried, and it has been lovely to help reassure them and bring some positive vibes. I’ve learnt very quickly about the commitment of the team, especially Amy who is constantly thinking of new ways to make the boutique even better and always being there to support our brides.

We have made so many amazing new connections with brides, I just love hearing about our brides’ thoughts and plans for their day. I’m adding new brides to our waiting list every day, each one is so excited about finding their dress, it really will be amazing making all those dress dreams come true when we reopen. 💕

Whilst I’m enjoying working from home, laptop on the sun lounger and no need for lippy, nothing beats being at the boutique. It is such an amazing, positive place to work. Everything is beautiful, the smell, the décor and of course the dresses.

Although I don’t help brides find their dress on the day, I just love being a part of their journey. From the initial contact on social media, to the telephone calls and greeting at the door when they arrive.

One of the best bits for me is seeing the pictures of our brides on their wedding day and writing up their love story in our blog, it often brings tears to my eyes. I’m looking forward to ditching the flip flops and getting in some dresses again, it really is a dream job ❤️

So, when this all ends, we’ll look back and say, wow wasn’t that a strange few months. We may have even learnt a few things about life. But boy, it will feel good to be back in the boutique!

A Message from Sophie

I cannot wait for the day I’m back in the office at Dress Me Pretty.

I’m really missing hearing all of our pretty brides exciting plans and visions for their perfect dress.

I’m missing checking out new stock & finding out what the latest trends are.

I miss taking delivery of our brides orders and getting them ready for collection.

But most of all I am missing being around all of the fab ladies I work with at Dress Me Pretty.

I really feel for all of those brides that have had to put plans on hold, but this won’t be forever.

“Keep smiling, keep planning and keep dreaming of your special day X”

We can’t wait to see you all soon for some serious wedding dress shopping! They’ll be even more laughter, excitement and happy tears than ever.

Stay safe and remember LOVE ISN’T CANCELLED. We can’t wait to see you all soon!

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